Be-kyokusen Method Transformation

Before & After

Izumi, the Be-kyokusen consultant, explains the keys of  transformation on each case

Case 1 - Ms. M went back in time by 10 years in 5 month !
All she did was changing the Bra and brief, and the perception of herself. 

Case description by Izumi

She was very self conscious about her roll on her belly and had been wearing body-shaping underwear on a daily base to press them down. I examined her body shape and analyzed the the cause of the roll not disappearing. I discovered that it was caused by the the looseness of the underwear around the torso. It was too loose so never been able to support the breasts well which had left the breasts low in position and dropped all in the middle area.
I chose the bra which hold and lift the breasts well so that the excess fat tissue will no longer be pooling in the torso and belly area.
I also noticed her brief was causing her roll in belly area appearing prominent ,so suggested the change of brief to one less digging in.

Izumi's note −2

She was quite surprised that only a bra and a brief was enough to solve her the long struggled problem of her roll, since she had believed strongly that her roll had to be pressed down with powerful item such as body-shaping underwear. It was the moment of truth that she understood that she had been missing the important fact, that is body parts are not really apart from one another. All are connected as one piece of flesh therefore approaching the surrounding areas was needed.

The second consultation in 5 months
She had lost 2kg naturally after the consultation. 
The bra size was changed from G80 to H75, which means that she did not lose fullness of her breasts after loosing kilos.
Not losing fullness despite losing weight is quite common in " Be-kyokusen method " clients.

Her appearance has become younger and fresher dramatically!

I decided that she only need change of bra and the change was significant.

-The height of the breast which created smoother lines on the torso and belly area
- Her breasts are more contended creating smaller appearance of the top body
- Slimmer torso
(From left to right, her original bra size C80,  the size I chose was G80 , in 5 months the size of bra changed H75 after loosing 2 kg , meaning Ms.M did not lose fullness from her breast but have a slimmer torso.)



Testimonial from Ms.Nao

What I did for 5 month after the first consultation was trying to wear the bra that Izumi chose to refine my body as I learned and positioned it to create smooth curves.  I also saw myself well in the mirror as Izumi had instructed.

I lost 2 kg without trying within a month and kept the weight.

Now 5 months later, I have not lost the fullness of the breasts but definitely lost the bulge on the torso. The belly is definitely smaller and smoother! So, 2kg is gone from where I wished to be less!

The position of the breasts are now higher and I look and feel younger!

Izumi's consultation gave me confidence and made me a happier woman! I'm excited about my evolution as a woman because I see there is more potential in me to be more beautiful and attractive!


Case2: Koz transformed into a glamorous body from a "stick "


Case Description by Izumi
Koz took the private consultation while she was back home from America, her current residence. She said “my body is like a stick. No bumps whatsoever ”
She bought a couple bras from Victria’s Secret, the well known american lingerie shop and have worn them, but she was very unhappy about them. Her complaint was that her bras are OK when she gathered breasts into the cups, but the fullness disappeared in 5 min.
Well. It made sense for me.
The bra was sliding up when she move her arms upwards. It was not stable at all.
It was not because she has small breasts, in fact her breasts were reasonably sized.

It was caused by the loose under band and the fat thick padding in the cups of bra were pushing the breast fat tissue out from the cup of bra.

I chose a bra and a panty girdle to refine her shape.

The change appeared on
- the height and fullness of breasts
- the shape of the bottom, more content appearance yet fuller
- overall body shape become more prominent hour-glass


Testimonial from Koz
I could not find a word to describe well enough how incredible my transformation was. My body as I considered a "stick” is no longer there . I now have bumps!!!
I was very pleased with how professional she is in everything, her skill for body analysis and choosing a perfectly shaping and comfortable bra.
I’ve been shopping at general lingerie shops many times, but their service is nothing like Izumi’s.
I smiled every time I see myself reflecting in the windows after the session. I could not help myself. The consultation session was absolutely worth doing!

More cases with simpler explanations

<Change of Bra and wearing a panty girdle>

The breasts are lifted and the torso area looks slimmer in the left picture.
The body looks more balanced and curvier from the side.

<Change of bra>

Her breasts are lifted and her posture is improved in the left picture.
The curves on the waist is more prominent from the back.

<Change of bra>

The breasts are fuller and the distance between the breast are closer and intact. Youthful looking.
Her breasts are lifted and no longer saggy looking

<Change of bra >

The breasts are fuller and torso is slimmer and curvier.
The overall body shape has become more feminine.

<Change of bra and added a panty girdle>

The breasts are fuller and bust and bottom size are more balanced.
The shape of their bottom are more round and feminine in after.

Private Consultation

Private Consultation

It is a 90 minute consultation and at a local department store or a lingerie shop, if requested.
I will choose a couple of bras which, based on my diagnosis, should make you look good and feel comfortable, and most importantly, refine your body.
This service is for consultation only. No shopping obligation at all.
The location of consultation varies in each State.

Fees :
$180 / 90 min for First Consultation
$130 / 60 min for Following Consultation
$65   / every 30min after the first 60min