SYNC Fashion Styling

Fashion Styling

"I'd love to try the style but I may not be good enough"

"I have a lovey style in mind but I just don't know where to start"

"I don't like my style but am unsure about what would suit me"

"At the end of the day it is always the same. I want to meet new me"

"I want to go out in style and be confident with who I am"

What to put on? It is a daily thing and I hate it to be stressful
That said, I don't want to be too ordinary
It is about expressing myself so I want to showcase who I am

『What clothes do I put on to define me for who I am?』

Drop hesitation and tell me.

"What would you like your future self to wear?"
"What would you like to wear if no one judges you? "

The styling session with Izumi starts like this. Straight forward.
Because  I make no judgement
but full of skills to guide you to the merging point of your future self,
The style synchronises you today with future you.

Izumi will take you beyond learning and will guide you how to dress yourself up.
Tap into where your true style lies - be what you'd love to be.

Izumi believes in the power of fashion - she will help you find who you really are and enjoy being you!

"To express yourself by what you wear" Do you know what they may be?
At times you may not be the best person to ask about yourself. 
You may be wearing what you wear today only because someone told you it looks good on you. You may be preoccupied with the mindset of this is how I should look and be misguided about being who you really are.

But it's okay if you don't see who you are today.

It is much more important to have a directional image, however broad, of who you wish your future self to be.

Your future self is an extension of who you are today.
But your future self do not need to be similar to who you are today.
Just imagine how you wish to look in future and let your future self touch you. Item by item, element by element - Integrate parts of your future self into who you are.

Once you put on that item, your feeling is elevated. It is a sign that you have synchronised your current self with future.
 You will feel great and so you will want to do it over and over again.
Your choice of clothing will change and you will be beaming a new ray. Yes you have transformed yourself. You have been upgraded. 
You are then much closer to who you wished to be in future.
Just a simple repetition of this positive cycle, without much effort, will make you who you wish to be.

This is what I call "Future-pull styling"

​Future-Pull Styling Session

Analysis of your facial impression


Imaging your future self
Image/type analysis based on hearing and pictorials

Style of your future self will surface


​Step1- Wardrobe Session

- Meet your future self in your wardrobe -


Seeds for your future self may be hidden in your wardrobe. Let me try and find them


1. Online-hearing session

To identify a broad silhouette of your future self. Also to better understand the challenges you are facing today and your roadblocks that are getting in your way.

2. Styling notes
An analysis of your facial impression and body shape is carried out and a proposal (in a PDF format) containing the direction for your future styling will be presented.

3. Styling consultation at your home(2.5 hours)
Your wardrobe is whom you have been. Suitable items that have been forgotten may just be buried.
Depending on the direction of styling, it is possible that your future self may step out of your current wardrobe.
items you may wish to bid farewell will also be clearer.
Your wardrobe will be streamlined and you will be able to have the sense of your future self right at home.

3. Styling advice (online)

For three weeks following the consultation, send me the photos of yourself with the attire based on the ideas put forward in my styling notes. I will share my thoughts.
(Up to three weeks following consultation, 20 photos)

​Step2- Future-pull items shopping

- Find the pieces that are beacons of your future - 


Synchronising with your future self
Let's find together powerful future-pull items


1. Online Hearing
The same process as with the review of the wardrobe. In addition, shopping area and the shops will also be identified.

2. Styling Notes
An analysis of your facial impression and body shape will be carried out and a directional proposal for your future styling will be presented in a PDF format.

3. Guided Shopping
3-1. Preparatory shopping inspection (up to 3 hours)

Shopping can be time and energy consuming (Hence many do dislike shopping for this reason)
A prior inspection therefore will be done based on the hearing to shortlist the visiting shops and potential items so that the actual shopping can be done as efficiently as possible.

3-2. Guided shopping(3 hours)
The visit to the shops (2 to 3 shops) in the desired are will be guided and the suggestions for items and styling will be proposed. Be excited to meet your future self and find out what future items can bring about your sparkles. You will be under no obligation to purchase any items, so feel safe and enjoy.

4. Styling Advice (online)

For three weeks following the consultation, send me your photos with the coordinated attire. I will share my thoughts (up to 3 weeks following the consultation and 20 photos).

​Online Session

- Know yourself and be more confident with your choice - 


To Understand your features are the first step for a successful styling.
To discovering about your asset in your look and to learn how to accentuate it are all in one book


1、Online Consultation ( Use Facebook Messenger and Whatapp )

In order to make what works for your facial feature and body shape, this 30 min consultation and photo sharing will take place.
2、Styling Note 
A analysis PDF file with more then 10 pages with filled with lots of images and explanations to help to understand what works and what doesn't for your facial feature and body shape

It will be clear which one to say good bye in your wardrobe and what to add to create your fabulous A-team wardrobe.

3、Follow Up ( Using a online Tool] )

You can share 15 photos of your look and seek advice after 2 weeks of the delivery of the note.

Register for both wardrobe session and guided shopping in one go


normally $900 ($350 + $550)
In one go, services are provided at $850