Underwear & Body Shaping Coaching



 "You Are What You Wear"
Creating a body shape of your dream without any weight loss or shedding a single sweat!

Don't underestimate the true power of regular underwear, take advantage of them instead.

 The Basic Course offers ONLY three steps to refine your body shape!

Step 1- Seminar
Understanding how underwear can be tools for your body shape

The underwear that you are wearing now is actually sending messages to the parts of your body to shape accordingly to them very quietly yet powerfully
This seminar will give you clearer understanding of your body and how to use your daily underwear to shape your body as you wish.

1. Understanding female body - the feature and the cause of distortion of body shape  
You will have answers for 'never-answered' questions - "why rolls do not go away even after weight loss?" or " How body reshaping is possible following pregnancy?"

2. Powerful force of underwear 
You will gain knowledge about substantial connection between underwear and body shape - a definite eye opener that you'll wish you had known long ago.

3. Reading the 'signs' your underwear signals on your body
You will understand it is your bra and brief sending commands to the shape, not the other way around!

4. The features of  "Be-Kyokusen" 
You will be able to identify the final target for your body shape - and the path leading to one without having had to lose weight or gone through intensive exercise. We all already have beautiful curves, only they are now buried and awaiting to be hatched.


What people say about The Seminar

I have felt hopeless about my breasts after breast feeding for two kids, but what I learnt in Izumi's seminar gave me hope back which made me emotional.I realized that the change in the shape of breasts after baby has lowed my confidence as a woman and I have been sad in deep down.
It was fun learning about my own body and, most importantly,the potential.
I look forward to being coached by Izumi not only to get my fuller busts but to gain my dream body!  ( Aki )

I have been wearing sport bras for years, now I know they are not designed for lifting breasts and why some bulges have appeared on my body. I realize that how little do we know about the 'science' of underwear in our daily lives, although they are so important in framing our body shape - a crucial essence to improve the quality of life for women.
It was a great opportunity to learn about my body and what I wear everyday! (Emi)

It was quite a shock to know the influence of underwear on the body shape. I had sort of accepted my flaws on my body, but I am now hopeful for fuller breasts and better shape of my bottom and thighs by taking full force of underwear.  The seminar was so informative and well structured and left myself with such an excitement for myself in future.  ( Hina )

It was shocking to learn that the fat tissue moves along not only with gravity but with push of underwear to where I had never imagined ! I also realized the importance of fitting of underwear. I have been working out to get rid of the unwanted bulge on the back and waist but now I have another way to approach them! I can't wait for the private consultation! ( Chie )

Step 2- Consultations
Unleash your feminine curves

『There is no such a thing as no effort is required to be or stay good looking! 』
『 There is no pain, only to gain, in wearing a bra? No way! 』
『I am with a little will power but want to have a refined body! 』

If your answer is "yes' to any of above, I am your wake-up call!

Once you are touched with my 'science' of refining the body shape at my consultation,
your life as a woman will immediately reshape itself and becomes joyful.
It's because

Simple action of choosing the right set of containers (underwear) redefines and refines your body shape.

Only one underwear consultation with Izumi will change your life.  

You will see the beautiful curves you have always had but hidden by choosing wrongly fitted underwear
and how the right underwear for your body makes you look and feel.
You will learn what it meant by fitting the right underwear and what it does to your body  

You will see it for yourself in the mirror your Be-kyokusen(= your true beauty) being unleashed!


THE PERSONAL CONSULTATION where you can discover "NEW YOU"
With Your choice of Online or In Person

your bone structure, softness of your body flesh, and the influence of your underwear on your current body  

issues with your body shape and your choice of underwear 

Chose the bras and briefs that will refine your body as well as give you comfort at a lingerie shop or your local department store

4. THREE FOLLOW- UP SESSIONS ( in 3 months )
gives you instructions on how you wear the selected underwear to create positive change of your body shape and how your body shape is improving over the period

Be-kyokusen consultation is providing consultation services for selecting the right set of underwear for your true beauty to resurface. You are under no circumstance obligated to purchase any items suggested.


Before & After

What people say about The Consultation

The body refining method is not only effective but very empowering.
Izumi's consultation is mind-blowing! I was very conscious that I had no curves on the waist and my belly, so I had been wearing a body shaping underwear to squeeze myself in. However, Izumi's approach was totally different. She chose a bra that holds and lifts very well in a height that triggers for the curves to appear and a brief that creates the smooth line instead of a roll. Yes, she improved my body shape to a totally different level with only a bra and a brief at hand. It was absolutely unbelievable and sort of refreshing to know my body can be improved with minimum items.
I never imagined to have a day that I feel I'm excited to wear a bra since wearing a bra had always been something unpleasant with pain. I now feel more confident with my body and I'm thrilled with my future self.
I'm very impressed with Izumi's passion to create a new standard to define beauty in body shaping with curves, not by how skinny we are.

I used to take off the bra as soon as I got home but now I even forget that I'm wearing a bra sometimes.
I never imagined the bra size H for myself ...!!!  I had to say that it was the most fitted and comfortable bra I had ever tried and the feeling was incredible.
The posture had significantly improved with the lift and there was much less digging on my shoulders. My friends noticed the difference in my posture instantly.
I used to take off the bra as soon as I got home but now I don't feel that way and even forget that I'm wearing a bra sometimes. I even noticed the shape remains better after taking off the bra and I feel so good about myself.
This consultation session really changed my perspective on underwear.

I am very conscious about my "modest" breasts, but I'm very excited about my fuller breasts.
I have to say it was not easy to expose my body in front of a big mirror with Izumi, but I trusted her knowledge and skill.  I'm glad I did.
Taking the lecture first, then consultation, gave me a better and deeper understanding of how important the container (underwear) is.
I now know where and how to improve my body shape. I'm very excited about my fuller breasts.
( Yuko )

The greatest reward is that I'm happier with my body and started nurturing love for myself.
It was amazing to see my body transforming by the selection of underwear. With the deeper cleavage, it's a lovely view and It makes me happy every time!
It's been sometime since I started wearing the underwear Izumi chose for me and I can see it  definitely improves my body shape. The greatest reward is that I'm happier with my body and started nurturing love for myself. I was never this positive about myself before.
The experience is indeed mind-blowing. It can be called Izumi Magic! ( Yuki )

Step 3-  Three 30 min Online Follow Up

Because your body will change shape as soon as starting wearing the new underwear,

the first 3-6 months is crucial to monitor the change.

Each 30 min online session gives you instructions on
how you wear the selected underwear to create positive change of your body shape
how your body shape is improving over the period. 

So, you can relax knowing your future body shape is in safe hands!

Be-Kyokusen Basic Course

Seminar  - Online or In person
Consultation  - 120 min Online / 90 min In person
Follow Up Consultation  - Three 30 min online consultation within three months

Fee: AU$550  / JPY 55000

Group seminar is available on request
Zoom or In Person