It’s time for your beauty to shine and sparkle ...!

the colours of a sparking light brought out when it goes through a prism,
Prism image consultancy offers Three dimensions of service to bring out the sparkle that all women possess inside.
contents of Prism Image Consultancy

Be-Kyokusen (Refined Curves) Consultation

Personal Body Shape and Lingerie Consultation

It is your shape of future you are framing when you are choosing underwear.
Izumi's lingerie consultation brings out your true be-kyokusen using only ordinary underwear
it is never too late - you can get your be-kyokusen at any point in your life.

 SYNC Fashion styling

Fashion Styling

Life is too short.
Make yourself happy everyday by wearing what you feel right and be happy!
Take advantage of the power of fashion to be who you really want to be.
Izumi will take you beyond learning how to dress yourself up.
Tap into where your true style lies - be what you'd love to be.

Kimono Magic Styling

Kimono Styling

Kimono has magical power.
it gives you a unique presence and expands ways of self-expression

Full of originality yet elegant, limited only by your imagination

Kimono Costume Hiring

 in Perth Australia

Kimono is an excellent dress for special occasions
Kimono hiring and dressing for events, photo shoots, weddings and other formal parties

Izumi Woods

Fashion Stylist Institute qualified Image Consultant, Underwear Consultant, Kimono stylist and dresser, Actor.

Worked for a leading Japanese body shaping underwear company, Maruko Holdings Inc for four years between 2000 and 2004, where Izumi acquired the knowledge and skills for female clients to improve their body shape and quality of life as she consulted over 1000 clients

Founded Perth Kimono Club in 2014 and have been a key figure to promote kimono culture in Perth as President.

Started Izumi Woods Image Consultancy in 2014 and Body Refining Underwear Method - Be-kyokusen - become official and Japan Tour started in 2017.

Now, the three pillars of consultancy are: underwear, fashion, and kimono.