Be-kyokusen Method Seminar


I could not believe when Izumi said that you will feel so comfortable with the well fitted bra since I never had had one.
The difference I saw and felt on my body in the mini consultation when Izumi made slight adjustments on my own bra was incredible. I certainly look forward to the formal consultation, which I have already booked, with great expectations, and I am certain that I will have much more confidence in my body shape after that.

This seminar is worth every minute and I'd definitely recommend this seminar to my friends.
I'd even bring my daughter to one when she is old enough to choose a 'right' bra for herself. ( K.C )

It was quite a shock to know the influence of underwear on the body shape.
I had sort of accepted my flaws on my body, but I am now hopeful for fuller breasts and better shape of my bottom and thighs by taking full force of underwear.
The seminar was so informative and well structured and left myself with such an excitement for myself in future.  ( H.M )

Oh my gosh! How does the position of breasts make such a difference in the appearance!
I'm now more conscious about the silhouette that underwear creates on my body.
I'm wearing maternity bra now because my baby is still so little,  but I'd like to take Izumi's body refining consultation when I'm done with breast feeding.
It was fun learning about my own body.  ( H.A )

It was shocking to learn that the fat tissue moves along not only with gravity but with push of underwear to where I had never imagined ! I also realized the importance of fitting of underwear.
I have been working out to get rid of the unwanted bulge on the back and waist but now I have another way to approach them!
I'll definitely recommend this seminar and can't wait for the private consultation! ( C.U )

I have been wearing sport bras for years, now I know they are not designed for lifting breasts and why some bulges have appeared on my body.
The size Izumi chose at the mini-consultation was two cup size bigger than the one I had believed mine was. I was able to realize that how little do we know about the 'science' of underwear in our daily lives, although they are so important in framing our body shape - a crucial essence to improve the quality of life for women.
It was a great opportunity to learn about my body and what I wear everyday! (E.J)

Everything I learned in the seminar made sense after all.
I'm going to choose what I wear more carefully and will continue to seek professional advice.
I'll recommend this seminar to my friends. (A.M)

Be-kyokusen Consultation


Once you learned about something which is incredibly inspiring at Izumi's seminar, you would not waste your time and immediately want to put on the most fitting underwear - I am certain of it!
Consultation alone would not give you a thorough understanding of what Izumi is trying to get across and you would only be half way if you only attend the seminar without the consultation following. It is my view that the pursuit of be-kyokusen can only be complete if you attended both.

At the consultation, Izumi was divine. It was almost magical to see how she selected the rightly fitting bra, three of them to be exact, in such a short time frame. She even got me the fitting girdle too!
My breasts were positioned comfortably at a higher level and my posture had improved with the shoulders naturally pulled back. The girdle felt great too with it pulling up my bottoms. All parts of my body now seemed to be in the right places.

As I practiced the fitting sequence at home, I began feeling love for my breasts and bottoms for the first time in my life. Izumi may have taught me not just about the underwear but also about feeling more positive about myself. Thank you for the wonderful experience. I look forward to the transformation of my body going forward.

Can you imagine how many bras I tried on? I lost count at ten!
Perhaps I tried on more than I ever put on in my entire life!

Shopping at lingerie shops can be both fun and depressing. It is fun to look forward to discovering new me but only to be depressed when I look into the mirror.
But when you put on the rightly fitting underwear, a magic plays out! My back is so lean and the cups the minute ago was half empty are now fully filled with my breasts!
And you know what? I am feeling that I still have a mileage in me!
Being a mom is a challenge. My hair just hangs and I put on no make-up, wearing the same old jersey at home.
Following my pregnancy my breasts are not just the same. Wearing sports bras the kind you put on over your head for the past three to four years simply because they are easy and comfortable.
It was an wakening moment to find myself having been squashed as my breasts were by the sports bra.

I now bid farewell to my sports bras (thanking them). I can now walk in the streets with both my head and breasts up. I pledge that I will love myself more to compensate for the time I didn't.

I was told Izumi is full of femininity and indeed she was!
Very happy that my bottoms are clearly refined!
It feels so good to put on the rightly fitting underwear. Quite a surprise!
From today on, I will put on the underwear with the power of femininity.

Totally impressed with Izumi's passion for be-kyokusen.
Lessons learned at the consultation were beyond imagination. I now understand that I am one step closer to be-kyokusen simply by having the right mind set of placing my breasts in line with the cleavage and the cups. Pleasantly surprised to learn that even my concerns for my abs are manageable by putting on the rightly fitting bra.

I had long thought underwear are painful and unpleasant. But following the consultation, I even look forward to putting them on! My very first to feel this way. I was able to gain confidence to reach my ideal be-kyokusen. Very grateful to have met Izumi.